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The Dog with The Parrot on His Head

Humans are like the dog with the tie, and the bird is life. Silly, sweet, beautiful, life.

The Dog with the Tie with the Parrot on his head, this is a design I made to be fun, lighthearted and cute. I personally see humor in so many ways around us, ways that are unexpected. So this piece represents to me the unexpected silliness of life, that when things are serious (his tie) (earnest expression) there is always something that happens, like an unexpected visitor lands on your head!!

I love that humans are so serious and yet we are just as silly as a dog in a tie with a parrot on its head. We’re all always fluffing our own feathers and trying to be impressive, myself included. It’s in human nature isn’t it. So this artwork is simple in nature yet for me fulfills a deep desire to express the silly nature of life.

We are like the dog, wearing a tie, being serious and life just lands on our head and laughs at us. That’s why I’ve learned to just enjoy myself every day.

Thanks for reading, Angie Rae

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