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Passive Income for My Family and Friends

Some may be wondering why the motivation behind The Inspired Line. The fact is, yes it is for selfish reasons. So I can relax one day knowing my hard work has helped to create a safer and better future for my family and friends. I’m not saying they aren’t capable of taking care of themselves though.

I would never imply that. The people I know, they are strong. They are fighters. They will help out anybody, whether they agree with their political views or not, because we are all human. The people I know never have gotten the ‘easy break’ or the ‘easy way’ in life but never complain. They get up every day and they work hard for all they have.

The older generation put together a life of joy and fun for myself, my siblings and our cousins and now we’re grown, and we have our own to look after. My siblings work their butts off every day for every thing they have and they love it. The same for my cousins and extended family. So no, I would NEVER imply my family isn’t able or capable of taking care of themselves.

Nor am I some warrior or white knight for them. I’m simply a woman with big dreams, and I’ve always envisioned myself having a family business of my own. But why should I take the skills and knowledge I have learned over the past 15 years in the online world and only benefit myself from them?

The Inspired Line is all about building a passive income stream for each of the people in the Collections you see. It’s starting out with all of the children in my life, but will grow as time goes by to the adults in my family and those beyond my circle. Passive income is a beautiful thing. You work hard, you build something special, and then, after much time and energy and effort, you can sit back and collect the income. Some ways to make passive income may be a bit quicker than a blog/ecommerce site is. But, what I know is how to build an online brand.

I know how to create a website. I know how to create products. I know how to market products to the right people. I know how to make a brand stand out and be desirable. No, I don’t do it overnight. I do it the long way. The long game. And I know that one day…

all the kids in MY family will be collecting a check every 3 months from this website. I know that one day, the women I have watched sacrifice their dreams and their own goals for their family will be able to enjoy the feeling of consistent passive income from THIS SITE. I know that one day I will be able to see all of the children who have a collection on this site be able to afford college or whatever it is they are dreaming of, maybe just traveling. Maybe they will feel inspired to share their passive income with their community.

Profits are going to the individuals in each collection, but profits are only available after expenses have been paid. That can take time, but will happen because we work hard in this family. We make things happen. We breathe life into our creations and we surround ourselves with positivity and faith. My family are capable of taking care of themselves, but I am going to help because I want to, because I can.

By the way, the two newest collections are based on 2 of my nephews. The Landon Collection and The Mani Collection.

Red Galaxy Bear Premium Pillow from The Mani Collection