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The Bella Collection

Bella is a young and naturally gifted artist and has been creating canvas painting for the past couple of years. She learned all on her own and has come a far way. Originally she would follow videos on youtube and learned how to replicate paintings, now she can paint her own ideas with ease! The very first time we ever talked about starting an art Print on Demand shop the conversation was inspired by her canvas paintings.

The first painting of hers we have turned into a wonderful collection of bright & colorful decor is Rainbow Night.

As you can see, Bella truly has a beautiful eye for art. The Trident is serene, powerful and mature. It makes a wonderful print for a classic, or sea-themed, room.

Being that her art is so lovely I can’t resist using it as a base in my own art.

For Rainbow Night I added a dragon scene that would be perfect for a child’s room. Bella absolutely LOVES Dragons, while she isn’t obsessive over them any longer, they will always be a part of her history and personality. Of course she likes to collect them as stuffed animals still. It was her suggestion to add a dragon in the sky to this piece. I’m glad I asked her!

The Trident was the perfect base for a mermaid scene. Mermaids are such mysterious and fun creatures to think about. Could they exist? I know there is a lot of theories. I remember a few years ago when a TV channel put out a documentary that implied they were real, only to say the next day it was all fake. Anyone else remember that? That was funny.

We appreciate you shopping from our collections. We understand it is risky to shop online, let alone from someone you don’t know or a business/brand you are unfamiliar with. We plan to work hard to earn the trust and loyalty of our customers. We want to bring beautiful unique art to your homes and lives and at the same time ensure a beautiful and secure future for ourselves and all of the people around us. Thank you for your business!

Angie Rae

PS. The Neck Gaiters are a great back-up mask during this pandemic.

PPS. Shipping and processing speed depends on the product you buy. Many items are shipping faster than others, such as the phone cases, mugs and art prints. The clothing IS processing and shipping, but will take an additional 2 weeks longer than normal.

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The Rayne Collection

purple koala baby dress on person
The Red Flower Background is provided by young photographer Rayne

I’m so excited to use the photographs by Rayne as part of my artwork compositions. With her natural eye for photography theres no way I could resist using her beautiful nature photos in my art. For example, these bright red flowers were so inspiring because they remind me of her bright smile. I had to add in the cute little bird because she is a cute little bird.

The combination of her photography and the editing style I use creates a whole new line of unique designs that people will love. When you Shop Angie Rae and buy from The Rayne Collection a percentage of the profits goes to Rayne. This is an opportunity for us to give Rayne, a young artist, a great foundation as she ventures out into the world.


Purple Koala & Baby is a combination of photographs including WHITE FLOWERS by Rayne. Rayne is a pure heart and captures all the wildlife around her. The Koala’s and the effects are from Angie Rae.

RAYNE personally joined me to design the All Over Print T-Shirt Dress Featuring Purple Koala and Baby.


Neon Koala and Baby is a combination of photographs including WHITE FLOWERS by Rayne.

As you can see the products that are featured in The Rayne Collection are absolutely adorable, unique and truly special. Thank you to Rayne for being part of Shop Angie Rae. We look forward to bringing more artists into our fold soon. Please subscribe to receive email updates and coupons.


Pink Flower & Butterflies features two of Rayne’s nature photos: WHITE FLOWERS and PINK FLOWERS with Butterflies & photo effects by Angie Rae


Red Flowers and Red Parrot
Beautiful Red Flower Photograph provided by Rayne, red bird added by Angie Rae


When Shopping at ShopAngieRae.Com you can know with 100% certainty that you will not be able to find these unique designs, patterns or prints anywhere else. These designs are all created by Angie Rae and are not available on any other shop or store. When you buy from ShopAngieRae you are paying an artist directly for their work. Thank you!

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The Dog with The Parrot on His Head

Humans are like the dog with the tie, and the bird is life. Silly, sweet, beautiful, life.

The Dog with the Tie with the Parrot on his head, this is a design I made to be fun, lighthearted and cute. I personally see humor in so many ways around us, ways that are unexpected. So this piece represents to me the unexpected silliness of life, that when things are serious (his tie) (earnest expression) there is always something that happens, like an unexpected visitor lands on your head!!

I love that humans are so serious and yet we are just as silly as a dog in a tie with a parrot on its head. We’re all always fluffing our own feathers and trying to be impressive, myself included. It’s in human nature isn’t it. So this artwork is simple in nature yet for me fulfills a deep desire to express the silly nature of life.

We are like the dog, wearing a tie, being serious and life just lands on our head and laughs at us. That’s why I’ve learned to just enjoy myself every day.

Thanks for reading, Angie Rae

Ps. Please find this print on some of the products in my shop